Budget Mexico: 6-day of road trip in the Yucatán region

Overall, Mexico remains a cheap travel destination as long as you travel outside of the tourist areas such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum. For example, a restaurant meal will cost on average 65% less than in France and 55% cheaper than in Canada.

Budget Mexico: The context


December 2016

How long?





B&B Private Room


Rental car


Restaurants recommended by Tripadvisor

Budget Mexico: Details

$1060 CAD per pers. (700€)

BUDGET for Toronto-Cancun FLIGHT

$420 CAD per person (280 €)

The price of our flight is in the average for a Toronto-Cancun flight. As of the date of the publication of this article, the prices over the year for a Toronto-Cancun flight range between $ 385 CAN and $ 600 CAN (between 250 € and 400 €). For a Paris-Cancun flight, the average price over the year range between $850 CAD and $1300 CAD (between 550 € and 850 €) In both cases the prices almost double! A word of advice, buy your flight in advance🙂


$212 CAD per person (135 €)

The car rental budget includes rental fees, gas costs and toll charges. To rent our car we went through Enterprise directly to the Cancun airport. We are used to go through this car rental company in Canada and we were satisfied with our experience in Mexico too!


$180 CAD per pers. (120 €)

The accommodations are really cheap in Mexico! For this trip we were on our usual standard, which is the comfort at a lowest cost. However, traveling at Christmas time can drive up prices and make good deals disappear quickly. Better to book in advance for highly touristic periods. I booked all the accommodations via Booking.com for an average price per night of $60 CAD (40 €) for a double room. Since I booked at the last moment, I might have lost some good deals, because you can find great accommodations at less than $15 CAD (10 €) per night!


$85 CAD per pers. (56€)

Overall, this represents the entries to the different cenotes as well as the entries on the archaeological sites such as Ek Balam or Chichén Itzá.


$80 CAD per pers. (53 €)

Eating in Mexico is generally cheap, especially if you eat in small local restaurants or in the street. For a real meal in a mid-range restaurant, the budget is around $10 to $13 CAD per person. Prices will be almost double at Tulum Beach or Playa del Carmen


$40 CAD per pers. (26€)

We discover a country by the testing its alcohol, right? By the way I recommend you a great bar in Valladolid! Let’s have a look at my article: My 6-day road trip in the Yucatán.


$30 CAD per pers. (20€)

During our road trip we ate mostly outside because we did not have access to kitchens in our homes. However, I still like to go to the supermarkets to buy like the locals. Moreover, it is often cheaper to buy the culinary souvenirs and liquors at the supermarket rather than at the airport!


$14 CAD per pers. (9€)

Like in every trip, we always have small purchases to make like sunscreen, glasses etc. But I have to admit that this time we kept the budget small.

Budget legend: Here is a short legend for the expenses that include various elements.
Restaurants/Snacks Budget : 
Includes restaurants and also sandwiches, snacks or local drinks bought on the go.
Grocery shopping Budget:
Includes the food but also the daily mineral water purchased at supermarket – convenience store.
Drinks and party Budget:

Includes any alcoholic beverages or aperitif.

Other Purchase Budget

Includes small purchases such as Deo – tissues – sunscreen – glue …

Map of my 6-day road trip in the Yucatán Region

Departure - Cancun

Departure – Cancun

Day 2 : Valladolid

Day 2 : Valladolid

Day 3 : Chichén Itzá

Day 3 : Chichén Itzá

Day 3: Izamal

Day 3: Izamal

Day 4 : Mérida

Day 4 : Mérida

Days 5 et 6 : Tulum

Days 5 et 6 : Tulum

Day 6 : Playa del Carmen

Day 6 : Playa del Carmen

Articles on Mexico

Now that you have your budget in mind, you may want to plan your itinerary and know the Cenotes you MUST visit? I got you covered! I have an article for every need 🙂

Enjoy your visit to Mexico!

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