South America Budget : One-month road trip in Chili, Bolivia and Peru

South America Budget: The context

During our road trip in South America we went through 3 countries which have drastically different budgets! We started with Chile, which is one of the most expensive country in South America, and ended with Bolivia and Peru, which are well-known to be cheaper countries.

Overall, even though South America is a continent that is more expensive than Asia, it does remain affordable to travel there if you choose to eat « local » or to sleep in economical places.

Let’s go my lovely Travellers, I share with you the details of my South America Budget !


February 2018

How long?

1 month


Duo friend




Local transportation


Most of the time grocery, and cheap restaurants

Chili: How many days?

14 Days

Bolivia: How many days?

4 Days

Peru: How many days?

9 Days

Budget: Which style?

It’s always a little hard to know if we have the same way of traveling and therefore the same type of budget …. But let me help you a bit! 🙂

I’m no longer in the « student travel » with reduced comfort at a reduced price, but more on a thirty-year-old style. I pay attention to my expenses but appreciate a little bit of comfort here and there. I like to go near to the local population and run away from too touristy places as much as possible. Sometimes, I appreciate a nice bottle of wine or good restaurants, but I always stay on the lookout for good deals and the best value for money.

With that being said, it’s up to you to adapt my budget up or down according to your own style 🙂

South America Budget: The detail

$2900 CAD per pers. (1900€)

$104 CAD/ day (68€)  (*Flight Excluded) 

BUDGET  for 3 FLIGHTS: Toronto->South America

$1055 CAD per pers. (673€)

We paid our plane ticket 50% more than normal-prices, which brings our flights to equal 40% of my South American Budget! Given the spontaneity of the departure for this trip (decided 6 days before!) We paid the last-minute price! But above all, we took a multi-destination flight with a departure from Toronto to Santiago in Chile, and a return from Lima in Peru to Toronto. On top of that, we booked an internal flight from Arequipa to Lima for $95 CAD (61 €) which saved us 15 hours of bus!

If you want to visit several countries during your road trip in South America, you have two options: either you know your return dates and can purchase a multi-destination flight; or, you’re not sure of when and from where you will go back, and you only buy a one-way flight. Be careful though, sometimes the immigration of some countries might require a round trip ticket upon arrival on the territory.

Just for the record, a « classic » round-trip Toronto-Lima averages around $600 CAD (380 €) and a Paris-Lima $ 1200 CAD (750 €)


$619 CAD per pers. (400€)

$22 CAD per day (14€ / $10 700 CLP)


The expenses for cultural visits are unsurprisingly the # 2 expenses of our South America Budget. Indeed, even though this continent is full of very pretty cities, the truth is we primarily go to SA to explore its landscapes and wide-open spaces.

Since most excursions have entrance fees or are done through an agency, prices go up fast! As I explain in my article (coming soon) on San Pedro de Atacama, Chile has represented a big part of our expenses. Especially at the desert of Atacama where we could have done things differently for cheaper. We’ll know for the next time, or in any case, you’ll know 🙂


$450 CAD per pers. (297€)

$16,6 CAD per day (12€/ $9 150 CLP)


About accommodation, our final score is about $16 CAD per day per person! Not so bad, right? Again, keep in mind that half of our trip was in Chile where everything is 2 or 3 times more expensive than in Peru.

What type of comfort? Well …thirty-year old passed and you become … how would I say … a little more demanding! So, we wanted to pay attention to the budget while maintaining a minimum of comfort. To give you an idea we spotted the hostels on Booking and did not go below the ratings of 7/10 given by previous travelers. Most of the time we took private double room with shared sanitary (except in Caldera, Chile where we stayed in dormitory for 2 nights and in Peru where we had a little higher comfort)


$256 CAD per pers. (168€)

$9 CAD per day (6€/ $4 600 CLP)

The transportation expenses are unsurprisingly our expenses # 4 of our South America Budget. However, transportation in South America does not cost that much compare to the distances you travel and the comfort of the buses. Honestly, I was more comfortable sleeping in the bus than sleeping in the plane! Most long-distance buses offer « cama » or « semi-cama » seats, which means that their seats can be inclined by 90° to become beds. Most agencies also provide blankets. and sometimes sellers go up for breakfast or snacks.

Overall, it is an economical way of transportation to get around. However, you obviously have to have time ahead of you. I advise you to take night bus to avoid wasting too much time on the roads and to save one night at the hostel. However, if you have time, sometimes the scenery might worth to take a day ride bus.

Finally, last advice: sometimes it may be worth looking at any internal flights! We had met tourists in San Pedro de Atacama (North of Chile) who had paid their plane ticket $46 CAD from Santiago to San Pedro! Unbeatable in terms of time and money! Not even by bus!


$248 CAD per pers. (163,5€)

$9 CAD per day (6€/ $4 600 CLP)

Overall, we had breakfasts at the hostel in the morning, snaking during the day, and mid-range/cheap restaurants for dinner. Depend of the country, it may cost more to go shopping than to eat at cheap restaurants.

Indeed, even if it was worth saving money while shopping in Chile, this rule was not at all true in Peru! We could eat for really cheap outside while the products at the supermarket were quite expensive!

On average I ate dishes (starter + main course + drink) in Peru for about 10-15 Soles, or $5 CAD (3€). I can tell you that after the Chile, these Peruvians prices were a good new for my finances 🙂


$136 CAD per pers. (90€)

$5 CAD per day (3,2€/ $2 500 CLP)


In Chile, most of the time we went shopping and cook at the hostel to save a bit of money. Eating at restaurants can become fast expensive in Chile, especially in tourist places such as San Pedro de Atacama. The grocery Budget also includes all mineral waters and snacks purchased daily for our nature or city breaks!


$73 CAD per pers. (48€)

$2,5 CAD per day (1,7€ / $1 300 CLP)


Well, at $2,5 CAD a day, we can say that we did not go to South America to party! lol It’s true that for our first trip to South America we were cautious and avoided going out too late. But we enjoyed our daily cocktail or beer after long hours visiting.🙂


$68 CAD per pers. (45,5 CAD)

$2,4 CAD per day (1,6€ / $1 220 CLP)


Once arrived at the desert of Atacama we had to equip ourselves correctly! My fancy glasses were not going to be enough, so I bought polaroid sunglasses and we bought caps, sunscreen, selfie stick + multiple purchases all along our road trip!


$30 CAD per pers. ($19,6€)


We strategically waited for Peru to make our shopping souvenirs. One, to avoid carrying them during the whole trip and second, for the attractive prices! To give you an idea, with this budget I got gloves, socks, sweater and small memories.

South America Budget legend: Here is a short legend for the expenses that include various elements.

Restaurants/Snacks Budget : 

Includes restaurants and also sandwiches, snacks or local drinks bought on the go.

Grocery shopping Budget:

Includes the food but also the daily mineral water purchased at supermarket – convenience store.

Drinks and party Budget:

Includes any alcoholic beverages or aperitif.

Other Purchase Budget

Includes small purchases such as Deo – tissues – sunscreen – glue …

Map of my 1-month road trip in South America

Jours 1, 2 et 3 : Santiago

Visite de la ville de Santiago du Chili. Départ sur le 3ème jour direction Valparaíso.

Jours 4, 5 et 6 : Valparaíso

Découverte de la magnifique ville colorée de Valparaíso. Départ en bus de nuit pour Caldera.

Jours 7, 8 et 9 : Caldera

Découverte du desert, des pêcheurs et de Bahia Iglesia

Jours 10, 11, 12, 13, et 14 : San Pedro de Atacama

Découverte du Nord et du désert de San Pedro de Atacama et ses très nombreuses excursions

Jours 15, 16, 17 et 18 : Bolivie et la région Sud Lipez

À la découverte de la région du Sud Lipez, du Salar d’Uyuni, des montagnes et plaines Boliviennes. Départ le 18 pour Bus de nuit pour le Pérou.

Jours 19, 20, 21, et 22 : Puno et nuit sur le lac Titicaca

Découverte de Puno et du Lac Titicaca

Jours 23, 24 et 25 : Trek Canyon del Colca

2 jours de Trek dans le Canyon del Colca et arrivée sur Arequipa.

Jours 26 et 27 : Arequipa

Visite de la belle ville d’Arequipa

Jour 28 : Lima

Visite de la capitale Péruvienne.

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That’s it, you better know my South America Budget!

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